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After many years in the television industry, I've had the pleasure of working alongside some of the country's favourite faces.

I thought it might be nice to spend some time with them, getting their thoughts about life - and their careers to date.

I hope you'll enjoy them, and please leave me a comment.

Cheers, Michael Pope


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Having worked in the wacky world of TV since 1984 - first as a presenter, then as audience warm-up for shows - then as Producer, I thought it might interest people to hear from some of the favourite faces they see on their TVs.

So I opened my little black book - rang some numbers - and here is An Audience With The Pope

The interviews run from between 15 and 25 minutes, and they cover all kinds of things. Rather than a chronology of their careers, I take my guests through 4 or 5 key questions. A common one is "What were you like at age 15?"; an important age I think in any one's life. Another is 'What has been the cost of fame?".... and many more.

I hope you like them.